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Chapter 8 || Las Vegas is Surreal

Being in Las Vegas feels like being in a dream. Everything is bigger then it should be, grandiose to an extreme and surreal AF.  One day, when humanity finally does itself in and aliens come to our planet and they stumble upon Las Vegas...our history as humans will make no sense with Las Vegas as the road map.

Kaleb, Steve and I wandered around Las Vegas and just took in the sights. Then later that night, I walked the strip to see what was what. What was what was Scarecrow giving me the finger, Pokemon, a guy dressed up as a character from The Hangover AND a guy with no shoes who hit on me...who kind of looked like he went to Vegas for a party and then The Hangover movie happened to him IRL. PLUS, lights, LIGHTS are everywhere...so many lights.

Enjoy this tiny sampling of gargantuan city.