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When you are suddenly presented with a life crisis, scratch that, life opportunity (optimism speak at its finest) to reinvent the self, suddenly tattoos are the thing that was missing on your person. Now, that may not be true for all who have a sudden "life opportunity," but it sure did for me. I now have 5 tattoos and another booked for early 2019...

Back in June 2017 I got my second tattoo inked (a tree) on my right side by Lindsay at Thrive Studios. Being a photographer, I consistently want to document life happenings with my camera. This can sometimes present logistical issues when I am the subject. BUT I have a friend, who is an epic photojournalist/wedding photographer...and a giant moment junkie. Lyn Ismael has helped shape me into the wedding photographer I am, and she consistently amazes me with her mad skills and her unending support of my own photographic pursuits; in a nutshell: she's the bees knees.

Lyn posted some images on Insta with the caption: "When your friend decides to get inked and lets you hang around to document it." Really what happened is, I knew Lyn would not be able to pass up such a new and unique opportunity to tell a visual story...being the moment junkie that she is, I totally took advantage of the situation. And man, I am so glad I did.

So, I present to you, my tree tattoo story, photographed by Lyn Ismael. Thank you so much for these amazing photos!! See more of her work here.