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Chapter Three || Denver, CO: The city made for me!

Humans who actually read this blog! I love, LOVE exploring cities. That is my jam. Give me my camera and my feet and I will happily wander any urban setting. But Denver, DENVER! Guys!! DENVER!! It is in my opinion, the raddest city I've ever been too. The entire city feels like a work of art; it is a hipsters dream-which I totally am, I'm just embracing this facet of my being. 

There is a plethora of cool cafes, one of which was just too cool for a 6 year old and we had to Starbucks...but it was the best Starbucks I've ever patronaged (?).  But, there was one bar called Swanky's, which is a "Wisconsin" bar, that was the perfect amount of cool for a 6 year old. Kaleb met Kelsey from Wisconsin and he helped her and her friend win shuffle board. The little savant has never played before. Plus, my favourite book character, Lucas Davenport, drinks a beer called the Leinenkugel...and Swanky's had it. I died! 

And, obviously, when one is in Colorado, one must check out a dispensary. So I did. And the one google suggested was tricky to find, so tricky in fact that we found a handmade sign telling us "The store you are looking for is next to Backcountry; before the parking lot <-----."  

Check out the rest of my downtown Denver images. I can't wait to come back here and spend hours getting lost. And go to the restaurant Cholon, so I can ask how they pronounce their name...cuz right now, I just laugh every time I think about it. We are all just little kids inside guys.