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Chapter Four || Mt Evans and The Meyer-Womble Observatory

Driving up the highest road in all of North America was something Steve desperately wanted to do. And so up we went. This highest of roads leads to the Meyer-Womble Observatory at the top of Mount Evans. Guys. GUYS! This was terrifying. I can't believe we saw sports cars, a freaking Bentley, cyclist, tiny Prius's...going up the highest roads in anything but a 4 wheel drive capable vehicle just seems insane to me...but a plethora of humans did just that. The climb up Mt Evans starts off fairly tame, but the higher you go, the more switch backs we drove, the more feet we climbed, DUDE, this road just got more anxiety inducing. I am so glad that Steve drove up this mountain. We got so high we were ABOVE the tree line. There are no guard rails, there IS road damage, there IS a ton of blind corners on a road just barely wide enough for two vehicles.  Plus, on the way to Mt Evans we found a waterfall! 

One cool thing, we did see a production vehicle, it's wrapped in crazy...uhhh wrap so as to hide what car maker is testing a new car. I hope these images do Mt Evans justice.