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Chapter Two || Chatfield State Park, CO

Our trip continues onto "Colorful Colorado." I didn't mean to fail Nebraska and take nothing except iPhone pics (see my IG page), buuuttttt I was driving most of the trip to be fair. Two items of note about Omaha, NE: 1. Omaha is a pretty cool city, visually speaking, which is really the only way I can because we arrived in Omaha on July 4 and pretty much everything was closed. Pretty bitching fireworks though. They lasted for hours! 2. Howlin' Hounds Coffee literally had the best almond milk latte (with an extra shot...cuz I don't mess around). The owner is super cool and his cafe has an awesome vibe. I dig it. 

Onto Colorado. Guys. The view! The mountains start off as a slow burn, but the closer we got to Chatfield State Park, the bigger the mountains got. As we drove, the temperatures went up to 38 degrees (Celsius)! Our bins in the bed of the truck, from now on referred to as Jake, got a little toasty, but they held up. 

Colorado had a lot to see. And we packed in a ton of adventures in just 30 some odd hours, so this post contains mostly images of Chatfield State Park, where we camped for two nights, all the other awesome stuff we did each gets their very own blog post. Stay tuned for downtown Denver, Mt Evans and the highest road in North America and Red Rock Amphitheater. Until then, enjoy Chatfield.