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Jess and Mike || A Fall Barn Wedding

Jess and Mike were guests at a wedding I photographed in 2017. They were super cute that day, dancing and having fun, I had quite a few pictures of them from that wedding. Fast forward a few months, and they got in touch with me to see if I was available to photograph THEIR wedding. And thankfully, I was. I instantly felt at ease with them, super chill, loving, kind and most importantly, open to any random idea I threw their way.

The end of September brought a lovely, brisk fall weather the day of Jess and Mike’s wedding. The venue was a lovely old barn out in the country (duh). Jess and Mike’s wedding was to be the last one held at this venue, and I’d have to say, they gave that barn (and all their guests) a lovely day to remember.

Jess is one of the kindest people I’ve had the pleasure to encounter. She is a very intentional human, and I strongly connected with this intentionality as it is something I strive for every day. All her interactions with family and friends is pure and full of love. Her hand written vow to her beloved Mike, was beautiful and is quoted below.

Mike, not to be out down by his lovely wife, is such a great human. He checked on me through out the day, making sure I had what I needed: water, a place to store my gear, COFFEE. It’s these little interactions with Mike that let you know he’s always thinking about those around him and how he can best support them. Even me, on a day that was about him and Jess, Mike was making sure those around them were happy. Mike and Jess make an excellent team and I was absolutely honoured to document their wedding day.

Did you know?? Jess is also an excellent baker, and created her own magnificent master piece of a wedding cake. See her glorious cakes and cookies here. Jess, did you know? You and I met once, like a decade ago when I was picking up an order for the bakery I worked for at the time, you were the one helping me. WEIRD.

On that bombshell, I leave you with the aforementioned quote:

…when we sit outside and watch the night sky - often during crazy storms - I know there is nowhere else in the galaxy I would rather be. You are my favourite piece of star."