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The Prologue || DTK is Dope

Well, I mean, I already knew that downtown Kitchener was pretty dope, and fly, but I've never been such a tourist in a town I've lived in before. But before I get into that, let me get into this: I am on an incredible journey this summer. The journey started with selling our (my partner Steven and I...and Kaleb-the kid) house in Preston. We spruced that old Victorian house right up and we listed it this past May and the closing date was June 30. We are officially homeless, and it's pretty awesome. 

So the incredible summer journey is *insert drumroll* a road trip across the United States and a 7 week stay in sunny California, where Steven will be working (he covers North America for his employer and he has things to do in California) and Kaleb and I will be beaching.

Back to DTK, our road trip plan did not start until July 3 so we needed a place to stay for three nights. And me in my infinite wisdom was like "let's stay at The Walper Hotel!!" Guys, go here. The service is excellent, it's fancy AF, insanely comfy bed and it's completely in the thick of things in the DTK.

Here are some shots from the DTK and the mini adventure before the grand adventure. Plus, these images are the first I've snapped with my brand new love, the Canon 5DMKIV.