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Chapter 6 || 6 reasons Moab, Utah and Arches National Park owns my heart

Yes. Yes I know I've been neglecting my blog and sharing our epic adventure...but guys, California is so nice and I just gotta do stuff. 

If Denver is the city made for my hipster spirit, Moab, Utah has my heart (WHATEVER that this makes little sense). I am uncertain of what specifically makes me feel whole whilst in Moab, Utah, ...I just know that I am in love with it. 

Since the internet loves lists, here is some form of a list that hopefully helps evoke how my heart strings are pulled every time I think of Moab:

  1. It is blissfully hot here. As a human that is chilly most of the year (guys, it was winter for more than half the year in 2016-I was cold the entire time), being in Moab with soaring temperatures of 35+ degrees Celsius, was the first time I'd been warm for an extended period of time.

  2. Moab is epically gorgeous.

  3. Utah has Arches National Park.

  4. Utah has interesting vegetation. Sure, Utah humans are like "meh" but dudes, Maple trees are just boring in the face of a cacti and sage coloured shrubs.

  5. The rock formations here, especially those in Arches National Park, are mind-blowing and my images will not do these formations justice. I tried though.

  6. Did I mention that Moab and Utah in general, is epically gorgeous?

So enough lists. If you ever get a chance to make your way to Utah, I whole heartedly recommend it. I am most definitely coming back and spending a day wandering Arches National Park and basking in nature's glory.