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Cyn & Adam Toronto Wedding || Bringing Hindu, Catholic and 2018 Together

I am nervous about sharing this wedding. I am not at all (even remotely) worried that the world won’t like the images I captured at this wedding, because I totally knocked it out of the park. I am nervous about how to express in words just how much I loved this wedding and how much the humans in it mean to me.

I’ve known Cyn since our university days. We see and chat with each other irregularly and randomly, but when we do, it’s in a flurry of texts exchanging the goings on in our lives that we just had to let the other person know about. And I love her. Cyn is one of the strongest and most beautiful humans I happen to know, even more so on the day of her wedding. I remember walking up the stairs in her parents house where she was getting ready and physically being taken aback. Cyn looked incomprehensibly stunning - Adam (her partner and now husband) might have to take a seat seeing her walk down the aisle. And take a seat he did, because the ever avid soccer player, broke his ankle two weeks before the wedding! Adam was a champ all day, and nothing brought these two down! The first dance utilized a chair as leg support and crutch dancing is going to be the new next thing for receptions. ;)

The best thing about Adam & Cyn’s wedding, is that it was so uniquely them and every moment and every person mattered so much. Every guest that was present was wholly invested in seeing these two humans make a bond that was meaningful to them. Cyn cherished her family and her Hindu roots by including the tying of the Thaali and other blessings. It was magical seeing Cyn’s people surround her during this moment. Adam cherished his Catholic roots by including traditional vows and the exchanging of rings. Cyn and Adam had their close and wonderful friend perform the ceremony. And as nature is a theme that has run through their relationship, they also included a tree planting ceremony. (My little photographer mind was so happy with all these epic moments!)

The love between all the humans at this wedding was just superb, and the most amazing part, I got to be a part of it!! Being a part of such authentic love between this many people was a highlight of my photography career. I love you guys!

Venue || Auberge du Pommier Beautiful venue with caring staff and delicious food! Saree Tying || Shrishti Services The detail and care that went into this was perfect. Make Up || Melanie Sivitilli Such a lovely person and did an epic job on make up and helping with hair.